Please have a look at the queries below which come up regularly in enquiries to the gym.


Am I committed to a whole year?

No.  All our memberships run from month to month and may be cancelled to take effect at the beginning of the next month.  To cancel, you need to tell us you are doing so AND instruct your bank to stop paying your standing order.  Once those two things are done, your membership will cease at the end of that month.  You CAN commit to a whole year by paying in advance, in which case you will pay for 10 months and get a whole year’s membership.


Do you have a pay as you go membership?

You can buy a guest pass which costs £12.  We don’t encourage people to buy passes, occasional big exercise sessions are not the way to get fit.  If you want to try the gym out without getting too committed, we suggest you do the introductory offer but if you prefer just to do a workout and then decide to join we’ll deduct your £12 from your first membership payment.


Can I use chalk in the gym?

We sell “liquid chalk” which is very effective provided you let it dry fully before you start your workout.  We ask you not to use dry chalk, it just makes too much mess and our members like things clean and tidy and make sure they leave the gym as they’d like to find it.


How old do you have to be to use the gym?

We accept members from the age of 14, but this is subject to our discretion.  We do insist that our younger members have a standard membership or higher and start with the introductory offer, so that we can ensure that they have a suitable programme and proper supervision.


Do you have a pool and spa?

When did anyone get fit in a spa?  And if you are a serious swimmer we recommend the excellent pool at Tonbridge.