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Back in the New Year I wrote about a new “Fat Club” – we’ve called it more politically correct things in the past but that’s what the members call it - so that is now the official title.  It was billed as being a tough, no-nonsense 12-week diet and exercise programme for people who were committed to dropping some serious fat.

Eleven brave souls joined – set their goals (for 6 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks) and began a tough regime of keeping track of their food, reducing their intake, and exercising both with weights and with vigorous cardio. 

The results have been tremendous.  I have done quite a lot of these courses in my time as a Personal Trainer, but this one has achieved more than even the best of previous ones.  The total weight loss of the eleven is now up to 112 kilos (246 lbs) which averages more than 10 kilos per person.  Not only that but the smallest weight loss achieved is over 6 kilos (nearly a stone) and the greatest is more than double that.  I am kicking myself for not taking “before” photos of this amazing bunch of people.  Some of them have been on holiday, some have difficult jobs that involve shifts and business lunches.  But they’ve proved that all of these things can be overcome if you are determined to kick the weight problem.

Hilary Welland , whose before and after (she would say during!) photos are here →
has made a few changes in her life this year.  Like so many of us, she resolved to lose weight and get fitter.  Unlike most of us, she made a plan and enlisted some help to give her the knowledge and motivation she needed to succeed.

She found Capel Gym on the Internet.  Jenny Wildi, Personal Trainer and owner of Capel Gym, was about to launch another of her very successful weight loss courses.

“I certainly was not a ‘Gym Person’ and was dubious and uncertain in what was very unfamiliar territory!” says Hilary, who not only signed up for the course but also took the plunge and did the 4-week personal training £49.50 membership offer.  Having Personal Trainer, Caroline Kerslake, to guide her for her first four weeks made all the difference.  “I couldn’t have felt more welcome – everyone was so friendly, understanding and supportive.” 

 “I’ve lost over 33 kgs, going from a 16 stone, size 22 unfit person, into a much happier and healthier 11 stone size 14, getting-fitter person! Still more to lose, but I’m now confident that this is achievable and I’ve become a bit of a gym convert!”

Hilary wasn’t the only one to achieve a fantastic change in weight and fitness.  Eleven people lost a total 246 pounds in the Spring 12 week course, averaging over a stone and a half EACH.

The next Fat Club is due to start in March.  But you don't need to put it off until then.  Sign up for our Offer and get your fitness regime underway now!  If you'd like more details, sign up for our Newsletter and we will include you in our mailing before it starts.

Previous course:  Men's Only 6pack12: The Results

Here's Neil   

He did 6pack12 in 2012 and these are his before and after photos from the 12 week course.

 He lost 14.5 kilos (2 stone 4 lbs) in that 12 weeks.

 He is still coming to the gym regularly and is even leaner now. 









Stuart lost 8.7 kilos (1 stone 4 lbs) in 12 weeks at the beginning of 2013.  He has kept it off and is now (November 2013) doing some personal training sessions with Jenny to put some more muscle on.


Phil had never been thin, but he had already lost quite a lot of weight (about 2 stone) and got much fitter at the gym before he started 6pk12.  Since the first one in October 2012 he has lost another 16.6 kilos (nearly 3 stone).  He looks like a different man, and he’s not giving up till he gets to his perfect weight.  We don’t know what that is yet!


Testimonials: Fatzappers Women's Weight Loss

Meet Anni...anni

"Today I got weighed and was exactly 2 stones lighter than when I started Fat Zappers l8 months ago. I still have 21 lbs to go to get to my target, but it feels great to be over half way.


The success is due to a steady weight loss which is focussed on a healthier lifestyle – no fad diets, no quick fix, no hunger – just monitoring what I eat and regular exercise. This time, I am confident that the weight loss is for good. 

Bodymission has been a fantastic support and continuous motivation. Fat Zappers gives me an extra boost and then I work on maintenance for a while. If I can do it, anyone can!"



Meet Katie...  Katie

"I joined Capel Gym as even though I've had bad experiences with gyms before, a member I knew was adamant that Capel was nothing like normal gyms. I had nothing to lose so decided to give it a go and I am so glad that I did.

I have never felt so comfortable in a gym environment. It's so much more than just clock watching on a boring cardio machine, I see a personal trainer every week, I do classes, I joined Fatzappers weight loss group and when the weather allows I can get a full hour workout in the beautiful garden. I have been encouraged to try things I never thought I could do which has also built my confidence. For the first time I have stuck to a new healthy lifestyle and what’s better is I have enjoyed every part of it.

In the last 14 months I have lost 7 stone and even though I have more to lose I have never felt so confident that I will achieve my goal as I know I have the support of everyone at Capel Gym."






The course is available to Gym Members only, although you can of course join the gym just for the duration of the course.

Email jenny@capelgym.co.uk to book your place on the 2016 course



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