Individual Personal Training Sessions:

All of our Personal Trainers are qualified to at least level 3 on the Register of Exercise Professionals and have up-to-date quality professional qualifications. Have a look at our personal trainers' profiles. You do not have to be a member of the gym to do personal training, you can simply buy individual or blocks of sessions.



10 sessions   £315   

1 session   £35   


10 sessions   £395

1 session   £44    


Introductory Offer

PT Membership

4 Week Trial ONLY £65

Full Price £109.50


Personal Training Membership


Our Personal Training membership gives you amazing value for money and a great incentive to train consistently if the motivation to get into the gym is a problem for you.


You'll get:Personal Training in Tunbridge Wells

  • A Weekly 60 minute training session one to one with a Personal Trainer*
  • Full Access to the Gym
  • Gym Classes
  • A Free Guest Pass for a Friend to use during the month

During your four week trial, you will enjoy all of these benefits.  We ask you, in return, to commit to maintaining your membership at Standard Membership or a Premium Membership for a further 2 months. 

When you consider that, as a non-member, you could be paying £42 for just a single one to one session you can see what great value this offer is.    We want our members to be happy and confident in the gym and, in order to achieve that, most people need a lot of professional help in their first few sessions at least, and many need long-term help to maintain their commitment to a fitter, healthier lifestyle..  Book a free, no obligation consultation at Capel Gym

 *Note:  You are committed to a weekly PT, and if for any reason you can’t attend at the time originally booked and give us at least 24 hours' notice, we will do our best to find you another slot during the same week (Sunday to Saturday).  However if that isn’t possible then the session is lost. It’s still great value even if you have to miss an occasional session (we all do) and it gives you a great incentive to turn up even when you don’t feel like it (we all do that too!)