Martin was injured in the line of duty as a police officer.  His colleague was unconscious for several days and Martin sustained injuries to his shoulder – which were pretty major, we knew, because when he came to see Jenny he was clearly in pain and that’s not what we are used to with Martin, whose job isn’t the easiest, physically.  Martin had this to say:

“I was unfortunate enough to be injured at work (a shoulder injury) it hurt a lot and was stiff , and the hospital sent me off for an MRI . When I first got the injury, I went to Jen and asked for her advice , having told her my tale of woe (for some reason she wasn't surprised !!!).Being Jen she gave me some exercises very easy but very effective.

Well I did the routine that she had given me (Caroline also helped )

I did them daily sometimes more than once.

So why this post…

Today after an MRI,I have found out via a consultant that I have torn and ripped shoulder muscles and ligaments( sounds painful.. it is!!) BUT the consultant was amazed at the mobility that I had in my shoulder, I shouldn't have been able to move it , I should have minimal mobility and certainly not been able to do what I could. 

I told him what I had been doing and why, he was pleased, surprised , and said it would help with the recovery after surgery (in 2 weeks time)

My point is if you have a ache, pain speak to the people who can help, EVERYONE at CAPEL GYM will help,

From me it’s a big thanks, (Jen et al I will be back soon after the op for more help!!!!)”



Letty Perry


IMG_8684(1)“I hadn’t done any proper exercise in about 8 years, I hated gyms because I couldn’t use the equipment and the people intimidated me. I was too unfit to do classes without being embarrassed. Since starting doing personal training and classes I have lost 1 stone and 5% of my body fat; but more importantly I can fit into size 12 jeans! When I went on holiday I could climb mountains and see and do things that I could never do before. I’m not scared of exercising in front of people anymore and feel so much better in my own skin. Personal training pushes me in a way I couldn’t do by myself and the classes give me some structured exercise that I can put in my diary – the only way to achieve regular exercise in a hectic lifestyle.” – Letitia Perry




Jakki Hesse


Jakki Hesse.  What an incredible difference.  She has lost about 7 stone to date and is still losing! It can be done, we have seen it happen.  And not just the body changes, but the whole of life. 




Gregg Nicholls



“I became a member of the gym because Caroline, already a friend of mine, needed a guinea pig for her training to become a PT. As a result, over the last eight months, I have lost nearly two stone. I now attend the gym at least twice a week” 




Ben Taylor

“Coming to Capel Gym has helped get into a positive fitness regime and increased my fitness for my sport. I gain excellent professional help from the instructors. I have seen an increase in my strength and muscular endurance over the time that I have been here and have had excellent and interesting/motivational workouts. Thank you for all the help that I have received” 


Matt Jenks

“Always feel very welcome and part of something good! Exercise has become fun due to the great social side of this gym as well”


Stephen Hatch

“I have found my gym great fun. I have put on some weight and did a twelve mile run because of it. I like classes, especially circuit training. I like the friendly and social side of the gym, where I have made some new friends. The staff are also the best and friendly and helpful. I hope to gain more weight and do more classes in the future” 


Alan Howe

“The staff are great, that is what makes me come back. No changes needed, (I have been to other gyms which were rubbish) this is what I want, please don’t change!” – Alan Howe


Gavin Underhill

“It’s been a great gym to be at, as when I started I was self conscious of my body. The staff helped me through and now I’m improving all the time” – Gavin Underhill



Mark Scott

“I think everyone should join Capel Gym. Witness the fitness!” 


Dave Milligan

“Has a great variety of weight and cardio, and friendly trainers that are always willing to help” 





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