Jenny Wildi

Weight loss with Paddock Wood U3A

Jenny Wildi with the weight loss group from Paddock Wood U3A

Over the summer a group from the Paddock Wood U3A (University of the Third Age) has been working with Jenny Wildi on a summer challenge to get into better shape for the Autumn.  Jenny is a personal trainer at Bodymission at Capel Gym, in Five Oak Green, where she regularly runs her weight management courses.

The U3A is all about gaining new knowledge and new skills at a more mature age and the groups range widely, including fashion and dressmaking, photography, wine-tasting and jewellery making.  The Summer Challenge was about learning about our own eating and exercise habits in order to lose weight and become fitter and stronger.

The group did incredibly well, the 12 who did the six week course losing an average of over 4 kilos (8.84 lbs) each and trying out new exercise routines to improve strength and fitness.  The group learned how to look at their own diets and make sure that they were satisfying without leading to weight gain.  “There’s not much point in imposing a diet sheet on someone – once the diet is over, they’ll go straight back to eating as they did before – which caused the weight gain in the first place.  People have to learn how to change their own eating habits so that they can maintain a long-term healthy weight” says Jenny.

The Health Challenge was largely based on Jenny’s very successful weight loss courses, SixPack12 (the men’s weight loss course) and Fatzappers (for women) which are run regularly at Capel Gym.  To enquire about the next courses please email or phone 01892 837616.