Jenny Wildi

How to get more out of your gym and exercise routine Part One

I notice a lot of stuff in the gym.  I notice those who keep coming in and doing a few bits of this and that but haven’t really pushed themselves for ages (if ever).  I notice the ones who keep missing a week, then coming in, then missing another week, then making it in again.  I notice those who are slowly, workout by workout, day by careful eating day, transforming their bodies.  I long to make it easier for you to achieve the result you want.  Step One.  Plan it.  Do it.

A major problem with an exercise routine is that, for a lot of people it comes a long way down the list of things to do.  Clean teeth, automatic.  Pick up kids, automatic.  Shop, of course.  Get the root tint (well for some of us this is top of the list when it’s needed).  You don’t ask yourself if you feel like going to work, you just go whether you want to or not.  Your exercise routine has to come into that automatic, priority number one category.  Or it probably won’t happen.  I don’t ask myself if I feel like doing a session.  It’s Monday or Friday and unless I’m ill or on holiday, I fit it in.  Sometimes it has to move to another time or day (thank you Paul for being so understanding) but it isn’t something I do because I feel like it, look forward to it, or want to.  It isn’t that I hate training but I don’t have it on my favourite list.  But if I don’t look after my teeth, I’ll lose them, and if I don’t train… I’ll look like… [insert 52 year old out of shape woman’s name here] and that is NOT happening!  We are too busy for anything that isn’t either something we love or something automatic, so if exercise isn’t in one of those two categories, you need to sort it out.   Or watch your body sliding slowly south.