Jenny Wildi

New Fat Club starts 11 October 2016 - join by Thursday 21st October

Fat Club – The Christmas Crunch Edition

Who the course is for – and who should NOT join

This course is for people who want to take things really seriously either to get off a few pounds recently gained, or for people who want a kick-start/boost to a long-term weight loss attempt. 

If you want an easy way to lose weight and have tried everything else, only to give up the next time you go out for a meal or have a stressful day, I would like you to give up dieting, eat as healthy a diet as you can, be as active as you are able, and accept your weight is as good as it is going to get.  Just stop beating yourself up about it, and try not to gain more weight.  This course requires you to say no to a lot of nice food, you’ll have to give up most alcohol, fruit juice and any other sugary drinks and snacks and you will find at times that you feel a bit hungry (not starving!).  There are a lot of people who have not only lost weight successfully on this course but have continued to lose or maintain afterwards.  But in every case they have followed the initial instructions very closely, and thereby learned what to do to keep it up.  If you play at it, you’ll not succeed.

I strongly advise you NOT to do the course if your weight is within the healthy range and you have maintained that weight for a long time, even if you’d like to be a little bit thinner.  You are likely to put the weight back on, and usually a bit more, and also lose some lean tissue, so you’ll do yourself no good at all.  If, however, you have felt the pounds slowly creeping on, then it’s ideal for you.

What you will have to do

You will need to weigh in weekly.  There will be an email sent out every week showing everyone in the club how they are doing.  We will decide if there is an evening most can make for a group weigh and meeting, but these are optional so long as you get in the gym at some point and get a member of the team to measure you and record your results.

You will commit to measuring and recording your food as often as you possibly can.  You will be given a calorie target for the day and week which you should meet.  If you insist that you met your calorie target, having weighed and measured all your food, but have lost no weight you will be given a lower calorie target.  So be very sure you’re not kidding yourself when you measure the food.  In spite of all the stuff on the internet, if you eat less than your body requires you will lose weight – not at a specified rate, but you will lose. 

You will need to come to the gym to lift weights at least once a week. You will fit in 30 minutes of cardio exercise (with at least a little sweat and an increased heart rate – this is a minimum of a brisk walk) at least four times a week.

What it costs

Well it’s free if you meet your targets.  But you will need to find £80 upfront in cash, which you will get back provided you meet your goals within the designated windows.



The Stick

You will set a target weight loss for yourself, to be reached in 3 weeks, 6 weeks and 9 weeks.  It may not be less than 1 kilo (2.2 pounds) at 6 weeks, 2 kilos (4.4 pounds) at 6 weeks and 3 kilos (6.6 pounds) at 9 weeks.  If losing 3 kilos will take your BMI (Body Mass Index) below 20 then you should NOT be on a weight loss course and will not be on this one! 

You will pay £80 in cash (no cards please) at the beginning of the course.   If you make your target at 3 weeks you will be paid £20 back.  Even if you make that target at a later date you will not receive that money back, although there will be a generous window of weigh-in dates so you can have another go within the window if you’re a smidge off the first time.  If you make your 6 week target you will receive a further £20 back.  Again, if you make the target after the closing weigh-in date you will not get your money back.  And if you make your 9 week target during the final 9 week window then you will receive the other £40 back.  Same rule here too. 

There will be a specific window for each of the three weigh-ins (to take account of unavoidable absence), but your target weigh-in(s) must take place within each window (see below).  Not before and not after.  There will be no arguments and no excuses accepted.  If you waste my time you will pay for it, if you lose the weight we will both regard it as time well spent.

The Carrot

The person who has lost the most weight at their official weigh-in AND has met their 9 week target at the final 9 week weigh-in window will get standard membership at the gym for free for the following 6 months.  This can be topped up to premium or PT membership by the winner if required.

Weight loss will be rounded to the nearest ½ kilo so there’s no point in dehydrating to beat a competitor.  In the event of a draw, the person who has met their 9 week target and whose target is highest will win.  So if there are three people that have lost 10 kilos, but one had a target of 9 kilos and the others had a target of 4, the one who set the 9 kilo target will win.  This is to encourage you to set an ambitious (but achievable) target. 


Fat Club – the Christmas Crunch edition

Dates – ideally, get weighed with the team

This isn’t always possible with shift work and other commitments, so you CAN get weighed at other times - at a PT session or just before or after a class, for example, provided the instructor has time.  It seems people do better if they get weighed with everyone else however.  We will choose a day and time for a “group weigh” on the first Tuesday.

Earliest start date Tuesday October 11th 2016          Last possible weigh in date 22nd December 2016
Weigh in windows

Initial weigh in Tuesday 11th October to Thursday 21st October

3-week window Tuesday 1st November to Thursday 11th November

6-week window Tuesday 22nd November to Thursday 2nd December

9-week window Tuesday 13th December to Thursday 22nd December

If you miss your target narrowly on your first attempt you can have another go as long as it is within the target window – so it’s worth getting weighed near the beginning of the window to give you a little leeway.